Mobile Banking Marketing


The technology has arrived! Mobile banking is slowly transforming the typical banking experience. 66% of bank customers use their mobile device to view account balances. 36% use it to pay bills. But not all bank and credit union customers are availing themselves of this time saving service. This is where smart marketing comes in. Moving customers to the mobile channel can drive profitability and improve your ROI. Here are 6 helpful tips to help improve the adoption rate of mobile banking.

Keep it simple. Usability is key. Offer a user-friendly process for downloading banking apps. Make authentication as easy as possible. Make sure your frontline staffers are well versed with the app to offer needed assistance. Make it an easy, obvious choice.

Use video. Research shows that video tutorials are more effective than written ones. Observe how Chase uses video to illustrate the use of their Quick Deposit app.[link to]

Multi-channel promotion. Make sure to leverage all your customer touch points to get the message out. After the launch, continue to promote the service with its very own website page. Include it in all new customer collateral. Launching mobile banking effectively is all about keeping the message alive.

Don’t forget social media. Social channels are a very effective means of promoting mobile banking. After all, those most active in social media networking tend to be the early adopters of this service.

Eblasts work. Email is particularly appropriate when promoting mobile banking. After all, people are often using a mobile device to scan their emails. Make sure your emails are responsive. Include a link to the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Use tracking tags on your logo to measure success. Use Facebook and Twitter to extend your reach

Branches are still important. Remember, even the early adapters of mobile banking say branch proximity plays a role in their banking choice. Most mobile device users desire a branch location within 5 miles of their home. In a recent survey, 62% of smart phone users say that a nearby branch is vital to their selection of a new bank.

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