Social Media Strategy Turns Snarky

Have you noticed? The increasingly snarky tone of more and more tweets? The multitude of mean girl comments on Facebook?  The flamethrower tactics on marauding trolls lashing out at anything

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A Beautiful Day in the Social Media Neighborhood

Localized social media is an emerging trend. It puts social media to work, literally in your backyard, your front yard, and on your neighbor’s side porch. Its something called “Nextdoor.” Think

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Keeping Your Brand on Message

Is your advertising on message? Is your sales force in lock step? Does your collateral speak with one voice? Here are five essential tips for getting your brand on message:

Social Media Marketing Dallas TX

Another Word for Social

More and more businesses are feeling the pressure to go “social.” Everybody, from small entrepreneurs to large enterprise CEOs, understands that social media marketing an important tool. Everybody comprehends that

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Is Facebook the next MySpace?

Facebook’s lackluster IPO has not exactly been kind to the Social Media giant. Pessimistic Cassandras have come out of the woodwork predicting the imminent demise of Zuckerberg’s brainchild. A few