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How Hashtags Became #Trendy

In recent years, you may have seen a trendy little symbol pop up more and more. It started on Twitter, but has since made its way into Facebook, Instagram, and

Instagram Advertising

Advertising on Instagram? It could work.

When Mark Zuckerberg acquired Instagram two years ago, it was anybody’s guess where he would take the photo-sharing networking channel. Now we know. As Instagram has increased in popularity with

Pinterest Purse

Is P-commerce A Real Thing?

So here’s the question: is Pinterest a potential tool in a marketer’s social media strategy toolbox? Or is it just another giant time suck courtesy of the Internet? Is it

Nike Instagram

Change Your Shoes with Instagram

Instagram has been one of the true standouts in the realm of mobile application development. This hip little app has transformed our sharp, digital photos into fuzzy vintage snapshots complete