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This Is Not a Story About a New Website Launch

This is a story about the Choctaw people and their determination to keep Choctaw traditions, knowledge, and customs alive. Supporting this effort is the Chahta Foundation, a non-profit organization working to

More Online Donations - 3 Tips from Agency Creative, Dallas Advertising Agency

3 Tips For Generating More Online Donations

Humans are instinctively competitive and we are compassionate, so why aren’t online donations pouring into your nonprofit’s website? There’s this little thing called user experience (UX), if your website has

Magento News

200,000 E-Commerce Stores at Risk of Hacking

Security gaps have been discovered in eBay’s Magento e-commerce platform. This ubiquitous platform is currently being utilized by more than 200,000 online stores. Of these some 71,000 stores have already

effective restaurant chain website

Anatomy of a Restaurant Chain Website

What are the essentials of a restaurant chain website? On the most basic level, a restaurant chain site should have a helpful, intuitive location finder, something that utilizes Google Maps.

Hacker proofing

Hacker-Proofing Your Website

Google the word hacker and what floats to the top? A website called This nefarious site offers hackers and hobbyists the latest information on new viruses, programs and Windows