Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Customer Journey

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The financial news is buzzing with Bitcoin. Even mainstream media outlets have Bitcoin front and center. From world leaders discussing cryptocurrency at the World Economic Forum in Davos to speculators on Wall Street to millennials seduced by the possibility of making a buck (or a million) overnight, Bitcoin is all the rage. For me, this […]

Eight Best Practices for Maximizing Your Credit Union Marketing

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As more and more credit union marketers shift their marketing funds from traditional channels to digital channels, it is important that best practices be observed. Here are eight best practices that can maximize your credit union marketing strategies:

Improving Mobile Banking Apps

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Banking has always looked for ways to get their services closer to the customer. In the 1950s they invented the neighborhood branch. In the 1960s they introduced the drive-through window. In the 1970s they came up with the ubiquitous ATM machine. And today, they have managed to put the entire bank in our pockets.

Mobile Banking Marketing

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The technology has arrived! Mobile banking is slowly transforming the typical banking experience. 66% of bank customers use their mobile device to view account balances. 36% use it to pay bills. But not all bank and credit union customers are availing themselves of this time saving service. This is where smart marketing comes in. Moving […]

4 Marketing Tips that Reach More Financial Customers

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Technology is changing how today’s financial institutions are engaging customers. Some of this is obvious. Some of this isn’t. Here are 4 things to consider about marketing your financial services in 2014: