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Community Brewing

When our longtime client, TGI Fridays International, tapped us to promote International Beer Day, ideas about how the brand could authentically connect with beer drinkers immediately started brewing.

Effective Infographics

How to Create Effective Infographics

Agency Creative brings one of its most popular blog articles back to life. With infographics being all the rage these days, why not sharpen your creative skills and get to

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2014 Web Design Trends

This article is not about predicting the next big thing in web design. Why? For the simple reason that design trends are mostly witnessed. Rarely predicted. So just think of

Package Designs with Wow

Ever since I saw my first box of Nabisco animal crackers, I have been enamored with package designs that engage the imagination. And even though none of these recent package

Ads That Talk

Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words was probably an advertising agency art director. Either that, or a copywriter with major writer’s block. But whoever it was,

Outdoor Advertising That Gets Noticed

In the year 1965, there were no smart phones or laws concerning texting while driving. Heck, most cars didn’t even come with safety belts. The most dangerous things on our