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How Being Emotional is Good for Brands

The founder of Revlon cosmetics, Charles Revson, understood marketing better than most. “In the factories we make perfume,” he once said, “but in the stores we sell hope.” Revson understood

Now Airing: New Assist Wireless Retro TV Campaign - Piping Fresh Blog

Now Airing: Assist Wireless’ Retro TV Campaign

In Q1, Agency Creative launched a TV campaign for long-standing client and Lifeline phone provider, Assist Wireless. The three-spot series focuses on Assist Wireless’ superior Lifeline services. As a Lifeline

marketing campaign - IMI Hydronic Engineering

A Well-Orchestrated Marketing Campaign

A well-orchestrated marketing campaign begins with a true understanding of your product, purpose, and audience. When our client, IMI Hydronic Engineering (IMI), launched a category-redefining control valve, they turned to