A good billboard breaks through the clutter and is memorable long after the viewer has driven past it. Check out some of the billboards we have produced for our clients over the years.


A-MAX needed an advertising campaign that both defined and reflected the “super experience” everyone who comes in contact with the brand receives. To better connect A-MAX with their audience, we shifted the strategy to a more localized approach, allowing potential customers to encounter the brand at different points along their daily journey. The fully integrated bilingual campaign included in-store collateral, digital ads, social and radio spots that aired on stations regularly listened to by the target demographic. See the full story >



KBS Research engaged Agency Creative to help build brand awareness for their new gastroenterologist-developed, over-the-counter product, Atrantil, to both retailers and consumers. See the full story >



Caron had strong brand awareness in the Northeast, but was virtually unknown in the Texas market where it had just opened a new treatment center. Caron needed increased brand awareness and they needed it pronto. We developed a multipronged media plan consisting of clean, high impact outdoor boards on key commuter highways and poignant first-person testimonial radio spots. See the full story >


Carondelete Neuro Institute

Quality neurological care had not been available for residents of Tucson, Arizona. Carondelet was about to be the first to offer advanced neurological technologies, including the first in America to have the world-class BrainSuite ICT. It was the client’s goal to promote the new facility and services in a patient-centric manner. After an audit of regional healthcare providers and patient needs, we developed a unique positioning of “Leading the way” by providing unparalleled neuro care to residents of Southern Arizona. See the full story >



The Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council was awarded a federal grant to combat C.diff, a dangerous bacteria that kills over 20,000 people a year. Their objective was to generate awareness in DFW and encourage people to wash their hands after using the bathroom to stop the spread of the infection. We developed a fully integrated campaign targeting the general public as well as hospitals and healthcare professionals. See the full story >


Kim Bariatric Institute

Kim Bariatric Institute was being outspent and out-marketed by their North Texas competitors. We partnered with the KBI team to develop a passionate, heartfelt campaign showing KBI’s unmatched surgical experience in the bariatric category. See the full story >


Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go came to Agency Creative to help promote drowning prevention in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They were looking for a powerful way to show parents how quickly unattended children can drown. It was important that the campaign was as accessible to Spanish-speaking Texans as to the majority culture. The campaign included an English and Spanish PSA for TV and radio, multi-language website, outdoor and multi-language brochure.



LIFT (Literacy Instruction For Texas) is a Dallas non-profit formed in 1961 to help adults with basic literacy, ESL programs and GED prep needed help promoting their most important fundraiser, Toast to Literacy, which was only three weeks away. We built a two-pronged non-profit marketing strategy that focuses on how literacy impacts the individual learner, as well as the positive ripple effect it creates on their families, their communities and all of North Texas. See the full story >


TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays international has over 400 franchises in 60+ countries. Agency Creative has developed multiple campaigns for a variety of promotions using targeted outdoor, showcasing their delicious American fare in a high impact manner.



The DFW YMCA was conducting a new member drive during the fitness industry’s most media-saturated month of the year – January. They needed to cut through the clutter. Agency Creative developed a strategy that leveraged the voices of our children to call us to fitness, family fun and community.


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